Get rid of self-doubt & lack of confidence once and for all

You might want to learn how to climb the corporate ladder or enhance your entrepreneurship skills or change your life to live beyond your current limits. It starts with living your life less out of habit and more out of intention.

Get rid of self-doubt & lack of confidence once and for all. Build your business with my proven ‘logical & creative’ methods that breakthrough those previously limiting experiences. There is no more precious time than right now. Call me or email to allow me unlock your power.

You deserve peace, abundance and relationships that are powerful. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! Clients experience breakthroughs after just a few minutes or even one session.

Thriving is our default setting, not Surviving”. We ARE Creators! – – Mike Dooley

A Little Bit About Me

Jo Ellen Newman, MBA
Certified Life & Business Coach, Speaker &
Trainer of Infinite Possibilities

I am a former RN, former business development specialist and corporate healthcare executive who now chooses to coach people to really live the life of their dreams.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in Transforming Your Tomorrows! Jo Ellen


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